Wine while pregnant: One woman’s point of view…what is yours?

What am I doing? 

I have consumed wine during my pregnancy now that I’m in my 2nd trimester.  Gasp!  This is my choice and also my husband’s.  I asked him his thoughts and opinions and we both agreed that ~ 1 glass per week fits with our beliefs.  I break this up and have at most two ½ glasses per week and sometimes none at all.  After the vino hiatus of the 1st trimester, I don’t miss wine as much as I used to.  That being said, I still love the taste and enjoy toasting at a wedding or a special dinner party. 

I will also let you know that my OBGYN is fully aware that I consume wine and how much.  She is not concerned.  Nor is another OB consultant I spoke with at length.  In fact, when I told her, she said “you know we have to tell you that we recommend no alcohol” followed by a wink, wink.  Some may agree with my stance, some may not.

People may think, why would you risk anything at all?  Well, there are so many factors that play into a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.  And also so many issues that are completely out of your control.  Where do you draw the line?  How do you not drive yourself nuts with all the rules?

If, god forbid, a baby is born with any health issues, a number of reasons could be the cause, but may never be unearthed.  Was it the lunchmeat you had been eating and didn’t realize it could carry listeria?  Was it the Bikram classes you went to because you didn’t know you were pregnant until much later?  Was it the prescription medication you had to be on for your own health issues?  Was it the unpasteurized cheese on the salad at a wedding you ate? 

You just don’t know.

For me, I have been completely open with my doctor about all of my habits (eating, exercise, meds, moods, etc).  She supports my healthy lifestyle and knows I am doing what’s best for me to keep a balanced sane healthy approach to my pregnancy.

Alright, your turn…what are your thoughts on the above?

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