Bissell Resource

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Services program at Bissell Centre. 

The program is currently accepting referrals to work with and assist partners of individuals registered in the Parent Child Advocate Program (PCAP). Assisting partners will contribute and ensure a greater probability of achieving positive outcomes for both partners and PCAP participants.

The program provides intensive role-modeling and practical assistance and connects participants to a comprehensive variety of services in the community. Supports include but not limited to assisting individuals to access basic needs, set goals, and implement plans through role modeling, teaching, information gathering and advocacy. Participation is voluntary and referrals can be made through a variety of sources including other agencies or institutions in addition to self referrals.


If you would like to make a referral to the program or know of someone who may benefit from this resource, please do not hesitate to call the Program Manager, Paul Pringle at (780) 423-2285 ext 132.

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