March Network Meeting Minutes

EFAN Meeting

March 6th, 201



Attendance: Brittani, Denise Plesuk, LaurelFitzsimonds, Lori Young, Nicole Sharpe, Sandi James, Fay Wilson, GloriaPoloway, Roxanna Clermont, Nina Novakovic – Zoric,AlainaThursby, Paul Pringle, Leanne Reitan, Kelly Granley, Fayanne Galloway, Elizabeth Darrell, Christina Grimble, Colleen Hook, Gail Clarke, Myrna Revis, Colleen Garska, GaylaGrindle

Regrets: Bernie Mallon, Sheryl Bell, Jessie Chai


1:Role Call – Call to Order


2: Approval of Last Meetings Minutes: approved


3: CMC Update/Face to Face Provincial Network Meeting–Last week was the Provincial Face to Face meeting. In attendance werepeople from Minister Hancock to us and everyone in between.

Because we had the minister and deputy minister and ADM they had different networks get together and give presentations on each of the different pillars. Each network gave a short presentation on their demographic, issues, and successes.

EgonJohnsson was there and he did a brief presentation. IHE is looking to do 2 consensus conferences one of Justice and FASD and Prevention and FASD. Some stats he provided: FASD costs 18k/year/family in out of pocket expenses (US study). Total annual direct and indirect costs of FASD are 7.6 bil. Annual direct cost of FASD is 4.9 bil. Annual cost of health care for people with FASD is 2.1 mil.  Preventing 1 case of FASD will save $800,000.

Spent time with researchers (U of A grad students of J. Pei) answered questions for the 5 year evaluation around how the networks collaborate with the CMC.

CMC met the next day for strategic planning and the U of A grad students were there as well asking similar questions.

Developing new web based data tool that the program managers will have access too. They went through a general overview of how it will work now.

Laura Alcock announced that the additional dollars will be extended in to the next year.

Networks will also get additional dollars for KPMG as well as data collection.

There was also lots of discussion as to what happens after the 10 year plan

It was brought up that the funding they are providing isn’t covering what they said it would.



5: Funding Announcement – Letter from Laura Alcock – We are receiving the same operating dollars as last year. As well as the additional operating dollars that we got in December. As well there is money allotted for the KPMG review, for supporting data collection and money for face-to-face provincial leadership meetings. Funding announcement also included staff retention dollars. Total is about $30,000. That is not enough to do wage increases for everyone. There will be 1 time staff bonuses to match the CFSA. Lisa has already sent out an email asking a) if your agency will be asking for the dollars and b) how many FTEs we fund. We will be following the CFSA requirements for their bonuses – You must have been employed & scheduled to work on March 1st, 2012. You are allowed to be on a vacation or a sick day but not a Sick Leave or Maternity Leave or any other long term leave.


6: Supports and Services Council Update–Hired Andrea Ingstrom to work on an inventory and gaps in services in FASD in the province. We were trying to give her other places to look for information. We discussed the SSCA work plan. Discussed asking the CMC for some money for training and any other costs incurred.


7:PCAP Council Update– AGM next week, hired someone to do the database. There is a lot of research focus that will be at the AGM. The training piece is coming to an end and they are in the beginning stages of looking at how it will be implemented.


8: Video Production – Bissell- They have the first cut of the song, Filming day is March 14th 1-4:30pm. They want to get as many people in the video as possible. Alaina will be looking into using still photos. The more the merrier.


9: Agency/External Committee Updates

CSS – Very  excited to have Christina (Provisional Psychologist)  join our team. She is working on the referral process. Hoping to have her start with clients very quickly.

First steps – is fully staffed and busy. Intake has been steady.

Coaching Families – Has offered a position and hopefully it will be filled by mid March. Wait list is 10.

Step by Step – 2 people is on the waitlist. It will be a few months wait to get to them as Leanne is leaving.

TERRA – job posting up for a Dad’s Worker.

AHS Addictions and Mental Health –reminder to people that all allied professional training is free and it can be tailored to their specific needs.

Elves –  Reno is still happening so workshops have not happened for a while. 1st workshop is scheduled for April. Its going to be on trauma from CASA.

McDaniel – Girls wait list is looking pretty good right now. Haven’t officially opened the wait list as they want to catch up. Boys wait list still frozen as a staff is on leave. Sol Gen is off the ground and running.

KK –things are still going good with their programs. Things are going well with the reno.

Bissell –  4 openings in PCAP program, need more advocates to work with women. Room on the PCAP partner program. Presentations have slowed in the last month so please give Alaina a call.

GES – busy, planning for summer programs.

Leduc – busy, new referrals coming in. Slowly but surely seeing males coming in.

Family Centre–going to residential schools workshops at U of A

Bosco – no updates with open arms

CASA – getting involved with the RAP program, getting busier and busier.


10: Working Group Break Out Session

            Child and Youth – March Tip sheet is up on the blog, April’s will be on low cost or no cost camps for summer, May’sresource list for funding for summer activities, June’s tip sheet will be on proper nutrition for people affected by FASD.

Adults – H2H manager doing presentation. Going to talk to salvation army and Cunningham to do a morning about housing guidelines. Compiling paperwork intoa guide. Have the housing resource guide.

Prevention  – discussed facebook ad, different promotional ideas (matchbook, key chains, memory stick, brain) discussing writing letter as a response to research that pops up.


11: Additions?

            May 16-18 – Lakeland Assessment and Diagnosis workshop  At U of A




Next Meetings: Supports and Services March 15that Bosco Homes, Network Meeting April 3rd at McDaniel

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