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My name is Chanel Torres.  I was born with F.A.S.  My mission is to help those who are living and dealing with F.A.S. and to stop F.A.S. in unborn children.  To do this, I spend my free time giving presentation at local schools, hospitals, and nursing programs to help educate people, give them a chance to get to know me and my struggles, and to help spread the word about F.A.S.  I have received many certificates of appreciation for my hard work in delivering my message.  These awards are great, but the biggest award I can get is knowing my message is being delivered and helping so many people and the unborn baby’s out there.  When I made the decision to talk about F.A.S. I was so excited because my goal in life is to completely put an end to F.A.S.  If I could prevent one more child from this awful syndrome I would be happy, but my ultimate goal is to get the word out there to young people that even one alcoholic drink can hurt your unborn baby.  I want everyone to know about the effects alcohol has on the fetus.  F.A.S. is 100% preventable.   I hope to one day be able to speak on the Oprah Winfrey show because I look up to her for all she does for the people.  I know that if I could speak on Oprah’s show, I could deliver my message to many people at once.

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