Alcohol & Pregnancy Awareness Garb by Alaina

Hey all,

I will be presenting a poster at the European FASD Conference in Barcelona in October. I am selling these tshirts, tote bags, and postcards that I’ve designed in order to raise awareness and to help pay some of the costs associated. Tshirts and tote bags are $20 each and postcards are $1. If you purchase a tshirt and tote bag you will get 5 postcards for free!

Also, I will be donating 20% of the profit to the EFAN Prevention sub-committee so that we can do some kind of awareness project when I get back.

Thanks so much for supporting me and helping to raise awareness and get people talking!

Feel free to make arrangements with me for pick up or bring your moola to the EFAN meeting on Sept 4th (you’ll have your garb in time to wear for International FASD Day!)J FYI…there are a limited number of items available. Men’s tshirts come in M and L and women’s mostly in M and a few in L (the tshirt in the pic is a M). Thanks!


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