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Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my research project on “What Is the Lived Experience of Adoptive Mothers Who Are Raising Children Diagnosed With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)? A Phenomenological Approach”. As you are aware, I am the Senior Manager of the FASD-Cross Ministry Committee (FASD-CMC), and part of my role is the implementation of the FASD 10-Year Strategic Plan in Alberta. It is important for me to declare and clarify that I am making this request in my role as a doctoral student in the process of engaging in research to complete a dissertation.

The purpose of this research is to interview adoptive parents who are raising a child diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as opportunity to understand their lived experience. The age of the child does not matter.

In the work I have done in this role with the FASD-CMC I have developed an interest in the topic of adoptive mothers of children who are diagnosed with FASD. I have declared in my ethics review application that I am making this request as a doctoral learner, apart from my role as a senior manager. My contact information directs interested persons to my e-mail at Capella University and the contact phone number, is only answered by me.

As the FASD Service Network Coordinator/Executive Director I would appreciate you sharing this information in your community to individuals who may be interested in participating in this research.  As the FASD Service Network Coordinator/Executive Director of the Network, your role is to remain neutral (cannot influence or suggest you participate or engage) in this research and you may freely choose to decline this request to post this information. My request is that you share the attached Invitation to Participate (attached) in your Network by any of the following means:

1)      Posting the invitation in your office in a location that is visible to potential participants,

2)      Posting the invitation on your agency website, and

3)      Advising your network membership of this research project by providing a copy of the invitation to participate to women who inquire about the research through the Network.

It is anticipated through sharing the Invitation to Participate that mothers who have an interest in the study will contact me directly for information about the research. This is a qualitative research study, and anyone who indicates an interest in participating must do so freely and without being recommended to participate in the study. The primary research tool will be in-depth interviews by myself with the participants in private locations in your area (community) as mutually agreed upon. It is only through voluntary, non-coercive involvement can the integrity of this research be maintained.


I can be contacted at (780) 910-4223 or by e-mail (dmilne@capellauniversity.edu) if you have any questions. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your staff if you have any questions regarding this request.

My supervisor is Dr. James Greenstone, and he is also available if you have any questions regarding this study. Dr. Greenstone can be contacted at (817) 882-9415 or by e-mail (jgreenstone@capella.edu). Thank you for considering this request.

Thanks for your time and consideration in helping me with obtaining participants for this research project.

Denise Milne, MSW, RSW, MSA, MC, Doctoral Student

Harold Abel School of Psychology, Capella University

Script_for_the_FASD_Service_Network_Leadership June 7-13

APPROVED IRB Informed_Consent_Form_-_May_24-13_(Milne)1

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