Resources from Boyle Street Education Centre

In 2007, a young woman doing her U of A internship wrote a book.  That book, is called So You Have Been Diagnosed with FASD: Now What? and its author is Agnieszka Olszewska.  While completing her B.A. in Psychology, she worked as an intern at Boyle Street Education Centre, an Edmonton public charter high school for high-risk youth.  During the internship, it became obvious that many students living with FASD could make use of an easy-to-read guide for helping them understand the What, How, and Why of their situations.  What resulted was an amazing resource that has been used around Edmonton and beyond to help bridge young people living with FASD to understanding and agency.  Follow the link above to find a PDF copy of the book.  For hard-copy issues, please contact Boyle Street Education Centre.

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