#2 Tea or Wine: Drink

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Am I Alcoholic?

… Well I don’t think I am.

Are you wondering if you have an addiction to alcohol?

… Not really.

Are you concerned about the role alcohol plays in your life?

… Yes.

I thought I should begin this journey of self discovery with the self-test referenced in ‘Drink’. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence provides a 26 question self-test that is ‘intended to help you determine if you or someone you know’…hint: you, ‘needs to find out more about alcoholism’. I completed the ‘yes’ ‘no’ assessment honestly and eagerly clicked ‘Score my test now’.

What I expected: Infrequent excessive drinking episodes, low risk.

What I got: You may have a serious level of alcohol-related problems requiring immediate attention and possible treatment.  You should seek professional guidance.


So I tried the test again…same conclusion.

Hmmm, what answers did I give that make the risk so high? I don’t stay drunk several days in a row, I don’t hallucinate, avoid family, and continue drinking after friends have had enough. I don’t have problems with work, finances, family. I don’t have the shakes, drink in the morning, or have DUIs/DWIs.

I have regretted some of the things I have said or done while intoxicated…who hasn’t thought ‘did I need to do the worm on the ground in a dress at a family gathering’ the next morning? I can handle more alcohol, but can’t everyone in their forties handle more than they could in their twenties? I generally eat little while drinking, not a conscious choice but I am busy drinking. And of course sometimes there is guilt at imbibing too much and failed promises to myself not to ‘party too much’.

So where is the risk? The risk for me is that alcohol is a way to relax, reward and escape. After a long chaotic day at work, a girls night out, a quiet moment by myself, there is a glass of wine or two.  So the question now is, why?



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