Physical Activity and FASD

Increasingly, there is a developing awareness in the medical and educational communities that physical activity is a necessary component of strong mental wellness.

The internet is full of lists like THIS that show the wide-ranging positive impacts of exercise.  And yet, there has been very little light has been shed on the potential for positive impacts of exercise for those living with FASD.  Excitingly, at least one Canadian university department is studying the range of impacts that regular cardiovascular activity can have specifically for those living with FASD.  THIS presentation, prepared for Anishinabek, summarizes some of the items that need to be considered when developing a physical activity program for FASD youth, but also provides some information on the mental wellness benefits of the activities themselves.

Another thing to consider when looking at ways to be more active is how to keep track of what you are doing.  Spirit Runner is an app for your Apple device that helps keep track of your physical activity for you and is full of all sorts of rewards and suggestions to keep you moving!

Most importantly, it should be noted that it doesn’t take a lot to be active.  All that is needed is breath and some movement and the rest usually takes care of itself.  Get out there and MOVE!

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