Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Campaign Begins

FASD Poster

On April 14 the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) began a campaign focusing on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. With the support of Manmeet Bhullar, the Minister of Human Services, Bill Robinson, President and CEO of the AGLC unveiled a poster warning of the dangers of mixing alcohol with pregnancy. The AGLC will be requiring all liquor stores, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to post this FASD prevention message.

Minister Bhullar spoke about Alberta’s action on the prevention of and support for people having FASD with the development of 12 FASD Service Networks and 20 assessment and diagnostic clinics.

Lisa Rogozinsky, Network Coordinator, and Denise Plesuk, Co-Chair of Edmonton and Area Fetal Alcohol Network Society (EFAN) were on hand to answer questions posed about FASD and the difficulties it creates. Even though there are 20 assessment clinics around Alberta, many people go without ever getting a diagnosis.   Because of this, it is difficult to get accurate statistics on the number of individuals in Alberta with FASD. However, Denise did say that it was probably a safe assumption that the homeless population and the prison population have a significant number of individuals with FASD. This is due to the effects FASD has on the person’s ability to problem-solve, on their cognitive functioning and their behavioural difficulties.

So, the next time you go to a liquor store, or out to a night club, look for the FASD prevention signs. Start up a conversation with the people you are with – or the people sitting at the table beside you. Let’s get the message out!

Poster:  FASD_Poster_VERTICAL_highres

Media Release:  IB_FASDPreventionSignage_20140414



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