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Second Call for Stories

Share your story guideline


The Alberta FASD Family Advisory Council is working on a book featuring a collection of personal experiences of families (biological/foster/adoptive parents) and individuals with FASD. We will select 15 to 20 powerful stories and develop a “family friendly” resource that will give people a positive, hopeful message and useful information. We have some stories now but are looking for more. To be included in the book you must be an Alberta resident.


If you are interested in being part of this project, here’s what we need. As the first step, we would like to hear about you. Please don’t feel like you must write lots of detail or pages of experiences; and you are welcome to ask us to help you with this. Remember, this is just a brief sketch to get started. If you are selected, our editor/writer will work with you to craft your story. Just a reminder we do not need your full story or story in depth at this point. You can use the downloadable form or put all the information on separate page or put it in an email.


Thank you for your support and cooperation.



Provincial FASD Family Advisory Council

FASD call for stories 2nd call



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