Bissell Centre’s Free Accredited Daycare

Bissell Centre’s Early Childhood Development Program is part of their Child and Family Services program and has at its core a fully-accredited and licensed childcare facility that is available to low-income or in-crisis parents and guardians at no charge.  They support newborns through to six-year-olds in a safe, healthy, enriching environment.

Bissell Centre serves 1,400 children annually and incorporates the “learning through play” model to assist in developing children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and cultural growth.

Bissell Centre supports low-income families by providing them with free temporary childcare for newborns to children six years of age. Theirs’ is a fully accredited and licensed centre allowing children to play and learn in a safe, supportive, educational environment, giving parents time to access other services, interview for a job or attend appointments.

Families are free to access our childcare services one day per week or on a more frequent, temporary basis if a parent has demonstrated participation in a training program, active job search or other need.

Child Care Centre
Phone: 780.429.4126
Fax: 780.441.3580
Parents/guardians have to reserve a spot for their child(ren) one or two days in advance.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9.00am – 4:15pm

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