When One Door Closes… Another One Opens – FASD Success Stories Series (1st Story)

My story started about the year 2005, when my adopted son (biological grandson) asked for a sibling. I could not get my daughter to have another child so I searched the website and DHS services for Family Picadoptable children. After 1 failed adoption we got lucky, thanks to adoptuskids.org, I located a pair of boys and started the process of wait and see, months of inquiries for adoption. We knew the littlest son was FAS, but not his older brother, so I researched everything I could get my hands on and prayed, prayed and prayed. We got our sons August 2005 and finalized on February 14th 2006. Little did I know the fight was on and still going to prove that these little men are special even with their disabilities.

Through persistence and lots of seminars, phone calls and the latest of all, Living with FASD Tele-Summit, I have come a long way and so have my sons. They are A – B students in school, in the top 5% for county children in the school district and proving that even with FAS and other disabilities, children getting early interventions and structure and a loving and stable home can and will persevere and be proud of who they are. We have overcome so many obstacles and have a lot more to come. These little men keep me on my toes and going and I continue to fight for all special little ones, because where we live they continue to mislabel these kiddos as autistic… just so they get services. My boys will tell anyone and everyone about fetal alcohol and how to prevent it and why it is so important to them to get the word out there. Every day is a new day and obstacles are meant to be knocked  down…. They are true survivors of the disability.

Mississippi, USA


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