Emotions Picture Cards

Emotions Cards

This free download gives you two decks of cards you use together to help teach social – emotional skills in class, counselling or speech.

Parents, therapists and educators who buy emotion flash cards have high hopes. Face-blindness and an inability to recognize emotions are factors in some cases of brain injury, autism and other neurological conditions.  At this time, there is no known treatment for face-blindness, and results from teaching emotion recognition have been inconsistent. But we can still support our loved ones in these areas by teaching compensation strategies, modeling recognition behavior and learning the pre-requisites to emotion recognition, such as:

  • Learning and naming the parts of the human face
  • Learning that different people have different features
  • Learning that people carry many clues to their identity in and around the face
  • Learning that faces are important and that expressions communicate information
  • Learning that expressions change as emotions change

Try them and see how this works for you!

Picture found on:  – autismteachingstrategies.com

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