Paul Pringle – Community Educator/Bissell Centre

paul-pringle-community-educatorI wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, tell you about some of my previous work experience and the perspective I want to bring to the Community Educator Position. I started my journey with FASS in 2004.  Back then, it was called Well Community Well Families and I worked as an advocate for adult males affected with an FASD.  Up until that time, I worked in various roles and settings such as supported living, as an educational assistant, community outreach and an Addiction Counselor.  This group includes adolescents, persons with disabilities and individuals or systems affected by an addiction. I did try door-to-door sales at one point, and if you know me from that I apologize and I assume the encyclopaedias are outdated now.

Like most people, I was terrified to get in front of a crowd and speak. I decided that the only way to get over that was to sign up for a class on how to be a stand-up comedian.  If anyone knows me through that, again I apologize and assume the jokes about the 80’s are outdated.

I find that if I can still laugh then I am in the right place. I have learned so much about myself and relationships through my 11 years with Bissell Centre and discovered where my strengths are. I managed the FASS program for three years and that is where I learned where my passion is. I am excited, eager, enthusiastic, energized, engaged and empathetic with persons who need support for whatever reason. I am also cognizant that supporting others brings challenges, but also altruistic satisfaction. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and would like to learn more about FASD. We can discover how to support each other and optimize resources for the people we walk alongside with.

Paul Pringle

Community Educator/Bissell Centre

780-423-2285 Ext. 316

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