Wine or Alcohol While Pregnant?

In spite of the headlines, please say, “No Thanks” to wine or any alcohol while pregnant

In June, you may have heard a loud ‘gasp’ from people who do research, prevention, or provide supports to persons with an FASD. Why? you may ask.

That is because comments and headlines were appearing in the media such as:

  • “Moderate drinking in pregnancy not cause for alarm” (CBC)
  • “Moderate drinking can mix with pregnancy, studies suggest” (Globe and Mail)
  • “Light Drinking Said OK for Pregnant Women” (Discovery News)
  • “…if I’m ever pregnant, I’m going to focus on the part where they say, ‘small amounts have not been shown to be harmful,’ and have a glass” (

The Danish Study

These statements have appeared because of the Danish Study that was published by The BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in June. In this study, mothers were asked about their drinking at the time they were pregnant. Five years later, their children were examined to see if drinking had effects on IQ, attention span, and executive functions such as planning, organization, and self-control in their children. The study found that one to eight drinks a week had not harmed the children in these areas. Children of mothers who drank nine drinks or more a week had the risk of a low overall attention score when compared to children whose mothers did not drink. The publication still advises that no alcohol is still the safest option while pregnant.

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Found on Saskatchewan Prevention Institute’s site


  1. This kind of stuff drives me crazy!!! I have an adopted daughter with FASD, and her son has FASD as she didn’t plan her pregnancy and drank before she figured out she was pregnant!!! So- keep trucking, you folks! Get that message out!

    Bonnie Buxton at FASworld Canada.

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