8 Serious Short & Long Term Negative Effects Of Verbal Abuse On Children

Imagine yourself a child being threatened or yelled at for a simple mistake or two. How would you feel? Ashamed? Unloved? Humiliated? And in constant fear that you would be scolded again in case you make another mistake?

Verbal abuse is one of the most common and also most overlooked forms of abuse on children. Most times it is passed off as a form of “disciplining” or “tough love”. This ignorant perspective can cause children to experience devastating consequences.


Short Term Effects Of Verbal Abuse On Children:

While the damages caused by verbal abuse cannot be seen externally, it leaves behind psychological impact that often makes it difficult for the child to get over. The short term effects are described below:

1. Routine Or Clinical Depression:

Demoralizing or yelling at children can result in negative outcomes.

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The child may develop inferiority complexes and may keep himself aloof from others.

This condition may become a permanent, that is, clinical one if the abuse is allowed to happen frequently and for a long term.

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