Practice Makes Perfect – FASD Success Stories Series (8th Story)

We may not agree with some of the terminologies used in this success story.  But the story does hold to the title.  Persistence, constant reminder, and practising do help a lot when it comes to children with FASD. 

This my story with Jaicee.

JaiceeThis my story with Jaicee.

He was always in trouble in school, I would get calls like crazy for awhile, sometimes I didn’t even pick up or return calls.

I was just under a lot of stress with him.

Kids would tell him to do something and he was the one that got in trouble, some kids would tell him to go beat up a kid and be in trouble.

So, a couple of years ago, I started to talk to him about how the other kids were using him.

This is what I taught him: Stop, Think, Consequences.

What’s going to happen if I do this or that.

I really brainwashed him to use this method, it took a while, but it’s starting to work, it took about a year and half for him to get it.

I remind him everyday when he leaves for school.

I think he’s starting to notice too in the last year, sometimes he would tell me, Mom, I remember what you said and that’s what I did.  Also, he tells me, you know what Mom…normal kids can do exactly the same thing as me but they don’t get in trouble, but as soon as I do it, the story becomes really big and out of hand, half the time the teachers exaggerate.

I had to fight a lot with the school system for him, I adopted Jaicee from a family member that drank and he has a sister that is a year older than him. She’s affected too, but not the same way as Jaicee, they do having learning problems but pretty smart on other things that they do. Jaicee reads a lot, Michelle draws. About five years ago they couldn’t read and got them into Reading Club at their school, plus I cut off T.V and games to two hours, that worked, they can read really well now.

Anyway, this is my story.


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