A Little Bit of Understanding Goes a Long Way – FASD Success Stories Series (8th Story)

We are very pleased tsuccess story 8o share our success story!

We have three FASD boys – the oldest is twenty years old with an extension in care until he is twenty-one years old.  Our oldest has graduated grade twelve and is now working at Walmart, with a boss that gets FASD.

He is also in a work program at school part time, even though he has graduated.We are now helping him transition to independent living. No supports for him after twenty-one years old – his IQ is too high…makes no sense with his daily struggles, but it is, what it is.

Our boy now thinks he would like to go to university. Never in our life, did we dream we would reach this level of success. Remembering the meltdowns and struggles over the years!  We finally realized they can do it!! When they are ready. Just have to do it differently. Once he accepted this, we were on our way.

Of course, there are still struggles, we concentrate on the positive. Have faith that they can, when they are ready. Not when we are. LOL. Still working hard…baby steps…moving slow…but still forward!

For this, we are so grateful and have faith our success will continue. Thanks.


Source:  http://fasdforever.com/feedback/success-stories/page/7/

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