Go, Team! Go! – FASD Success Stories Series (10th Story)

Thanks to Jeff Noble – FASD Forever! for sharing these amazing stories.  It is through such stories that parents and caregivers get hope and a new perspective to a situation their child is going through. Bravo!

10th success story

My daughter, Claire, will be turning five this month. She is having huge successes right now, and I can’t wait to share.

Claire began the school year being transported on a van, for fear of elopement, and she rides the big bus now. She is enrolled in gymnastics, and is in an advanced class. She also is on a special needs cheer squad as a flyer as well as a main streamed squad that she is completely successful in. Most students are unaware of her FAS. Her IEP has gone to simply monitoring all areas! Go Claire!

We, as a family, are constantly working hard to make our environment a successful one for her. There is a solid sensory diet in play, and that is a large part of Claire’s success. I would add that all of Claire’s therapist and teachers are subscribers to FASD Forever!

Source: http://fasdforever.com/feedback/success-stories/page/8/

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