Try, try… and then try again! – FASD Success Stories Series (10th Story)

Thanks to Jeff Noble – FASD Forever! for sharing these amazing stories.  It is through such stories that parents and caregivers get hope and a new perspective to a situation their child is going through. Bravo!

10th success storyMy 10 year old son, Sam, who is diagnosed with an F.A.S.D., had success in a social setting.  One of his biggest challenges is participating in social settings, because his extreme anxiety prevents him from participating.

Every year we have our “Annual Cub Scout Swim Party” where we set up a water slide going down a big hill.  For the past two years when we have come to this party, Sam has sat on the side and just watched all of his peers enjoy the water slide.  His anxiety prevented him from participating.

Well, this last August when Sam attended our “Annual Cub Scout Swim Party”, we put supports in place.  First of all, we let Sam swim in his clothes! (much less invasive then a swimsuit that he’s not used to wearing).  Also, we brought Sam to the activity before anyone else arrived and let him see the water slide and let him go down the water slide all by himself without anyone watching. These supports made the difference! When others arrived and the party began, Sam actually participated!  He went down the water slide multiple times with his peers, laughing and having fun with them.  In fact, he participated the entire evening, with a smile on his face. We were so happy to see our son having FUN with his peers! :)

Utah, USA

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