We interupt your blogging due to life in the FASD Lane

A Mom’s journey at finding calm in the chaos of FASD.

our sacred breath

under construction

After a significant absence our sacred breath is attempting to make it back online. So much has happened that I’m afraid blogging took a backseat. Which is ironic – because one of the things I wished most for in raising my daughter was access to information from parents and caregivers of children with FASD. And now I understand why there are not a lot of resources out there with information from the parents and caregivers – we are busy, exhausted and trying to live our lives. Who has time to update our lives! We barely have time to live it – let alone share it.

My daughter did not attend classes in the highschool last year. I pulled her out in October and requested home instruction. That was not approved until March of 2015. Until that time I was paying for tutoring to keep her occupied. She managed to complete…

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