Best Practices for FASD Service Delivery

Here is the Best Practices for FASD Services Delivery  document prepared by Jacqueline Pei, Melissa Tremblay, Alicia Pawlowski, and Cheryl Poth (Alberta Clinical and Community-Based Evaluation and Research Team)

Document Intro:  This document is intended to provide guidance fo individuals and agencies working with clients with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their families.  Together as  single sources, a best practice guide and evaluation tool kit are provided for use by agencies and their staff.  There are two anticipated uses for this resources:

  1. To assess current services delivery by providing indicators and outcome that can be measured to inform practice improvements
  2.  To inform future service offerings by supplying a framework on which to develop policy and practices.

Recognizing the evolving nature of evidence-based best practices and the need to respond to emerging understanding of FASD, this document provides the opportunity to monitor, evaluate and refine best practice service delivery over time. We anticipate that agencies will able to use findings from the suggested evaluation process to improve their services and programs. Ultimately, agencies and programs that demonstrate alignment with identified best practices will be well positioned to provide optimal services to clients with an FASD as well as their families, and to advocate for continued support of their programs and services.

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