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FASD: Learning with Hope

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Guest Blog by The Auntie

On Saturday morning I spent nearly three hours at an FASD support group with my brother, in the company of a couple of birth mothers, some adopters, some fosterers (sic?) and a partner, swapping stories, discussing Social Services options and the school system.

Having read a lot of the information that my sister-in-law has shared on various media platforms, I thought I was quite up to date with what information was out there. But whilst listening to these primaries carers, I began to realize that I know nothing!

Those parents/carers that are on the coal face know instinctively that there are no rules. Each of their children is different. And will behave differently on different days – what works one day, won’t work the next. One day they think they have spotted a trigger and then next day, it doesn’t trigger. Similar behaviours were discussed…

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