“Not Without Us: Sam Avery and Mental Health Peer Connection

NOT WITHOUT US (by Mental Health Peer Connection + Sam Avery) is a film deconstructing the complex issues at the heart of one of the most harmful and prevalent forms of discrimination in America – the chronic abuse and stigmatization of people labeled mentally ill. Watch what happens when this group of people, often portrayed as a problem to be solved by society, bands together to stand up for their rights by redefining the nature of the problem and reclaiming their status as integral members of society.

MENTAL HEALTH PEER CONNECTION is part of the WNY Independent Living family of agencies. It exists to empower people with mental illness to take charge of their life and overcome the stigma and obstacles society places in their way. More information:mhpcwny.org.

SAM AVERY is a documentary filmmaker based in the WNY region who works as Program Director for the Digital Media Academy at Harvard University and teaches Digital Video Production and Documentary Film at the University at Buffalo. Most recently, Mr. Avery’s work with documentary film placed him in South Africa and Swaziland, working in collaboration with a University film student and Burundian refugee to explore the complex relationship between filmmaker and subject.

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