The Power of Words

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FASD: Learning with Hope


By @FASD_Mum

Be quiet. Sit down. What are you doing? Stop. I said no! Don’t be rude. Stop doing that! Sit still! Put it down. That’s enough! No! Don’t bang that. You’ll break it. Put it down. Now! Stop. Immediately! Why are you doing this? Stop! I’m losing my temper! What did you just say? Do you want me to take that away? I said no!  Don’t hit! That hurt. Stop it! No you cannot do that. Did you just try to bite me? What are you doing! That’s rude. You’re not allowed to say that. I said no! You can’t do that. That’s enough! Put it down or I will take it away. Stop! It’s going to break! Why did you do that!  Ow. You’re out of control!  Just get out of here.  Leave it alone. I said go upstairs. Leave, now. I said no! Stop hitting! Stop spitting…

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