A First Nations Community Response to FASD

On April 15, 2015 the Government of Alberta hosted a free webcast on

First Nations Community Response to FASD


Uncertainty may arise when First Nation communities and external organizations wish to work together to respond to an issue. Genuinely positive outcomes are determined in part, by how well the hesitation of building of trust relationships, the anxiety regarding cultural protocols and varying expectations between two different worldviews are resolved.

This session will explore what has been developed to respond to FASD in a community based, culturally informed and collective way. The experiences of this journey to-date will be storied by Rupert and Teresa. Where appropriate guidance will be shared on the steps undertaken which supported the building of the respectful working relationships between the Northwest Central Alberta FASD Network, Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society [YTCCS], and Alexander First Nation community.

Learning objectives

  • Examine the role of relationship-based practice in forming mutually respectful interactions between First Nation communities, families and individuals and external agencies.
  • Consider the natural interface between FASD best practices and First Nation traditional values.
  • Identify communication processes that contribute to both the missteps and enhancements in working together with First Nation Communities.
  • Discover practical and personal real life experiences that could be used to guide next steps in approaching joint initiatives.

Presenter: Teresa O’Riordan and Rupert Arcand
Length: 118 mins


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