Woman with FASD Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

We highlight stories like that to show what people with FASD go through with the Justice System – Story retrieved from http://www.thesudburystar.com/

Shawana deals with a number of charges, but has two counts of robbery to deal with still

Naomi Shawana got herself into a lot of trouble following an assault conviction back in January 2015.

In Sudbury court, she owned up to much of it, pleading guilty to six of the charges she was facing — two breaches of bail, two thefts under $5,000, and two breaches of probation — and received a four-month jail term.

“The number of charges is aggravating,” said assistant Crown attorney Colleen Hepburn in her sentencing submission for the 28-year-old Wikwemikong woman, who is a mother of three. “If she doesn’t get hold her herself and get control of what is giving her difficulties, she will be back.”

Hepburn, noting that the courts have been lenient in the past, said Shawana disregards her probation and bail orders.

The sentence Ontario Court Justice Karen Lische issued had been suggested in a joint submission by Hepburn and defence lawyer Denis Michel.

As a result of Shawana receiving pre-custody credit of 74 days, she had 46 days left to serve.

Shawana, it was disclosed, still has two unresolved robbery charges from January to deal with.

The court heard Shawana was issued an 18-month probation order in connection with an assault conviction in January 2015. After attending several initial probation appointments, Shawana stopped reporting and her probation officer lost track of her.

About 7 p.m. Aug. 20, 2015, Shawana was in the Real Canadian Superstore on Lasalle Boulevard when she put meat items into a shopping cart, later concealed them in her coat and attempted to leave without paying.

When Shawana was approached by a staff member, she dumped the meat, as well as some personal belongings and fled.

Shawana was identified by store video surveillance and was later arrested. Shawana was subsequently released on bail.

About 4:15 p.m., Dec. 30, Shawana was in the Walmart store on Lasalle Boulevard when she selected various products, wrapped them in tinfoil, put them in a reusable shopping bag and attempted to leave the store paying.

A store employee stopped her and the items, worth about $576, were recovered. Shawana was arrested and later got bail.

In mid-January, Shawana did not report to the Elizabeth Fry bail program or check in with Greater Sudbury Police as scheduled. In mid-February, Shawana did not attend court and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Michel told the court Shawana, who has been in custody since March 9, had a horrendous upbringing and may have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. He said she plans to return to Wikwemikong upon her release to live with family.

When Shawana was asked by Lische what she would like to receive help for through her probation order, Shawana replied counselling for grief, alcohol and drugs.

Shawana also mentioned she is looking into a long-term treatment program.

Lische put into the probation order that Shawana take recommended counseling or programs for substance and alcohol abuse, bereavement and grief issues, and several other issues.

As a result of the six guilty pleas, Hepburn dropped other charges Shawana.


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