New study uses technology to tackle Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Jasmine Brown with Drs. Andrew Greenshaw and Egon Jonsson

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a medical diagnosis for a range of physical, cognitive, and mental developmental disabilities that can affect a baby who was exposed to alcohol while in the womb.

“Alcohol can cause genetic defects, and a child with these defects does not grow to his or her full potential,” says University of Alberta researcher Dr. Andrew Greenshaw. “It is very difficult to diagnose, but FASD is associated with lots of problems. Kids with FASD find relationships difficult. They can’t follow rules effectively. They typically get into trouble with the justice system, and they can cause harm to themselves and others.”

It is estimated that between 40 and 80 thousand people currently live with FASD in Alberta, and about 700 babies are born each year…

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