FASD Meltdowns

Great post on FASD meltdowns and how to handle them. Thanks FASD_Mum for sharing this

FASD: Learning with Hope

Meltdown-2By @FASD_Mum

We pulled together the above poster after some interesting discussions in social media.  Meltdowns continue to be among the most challenging aspects of FASD.  It takes conscious effort to avoid them – for those with FASD and those who support them.  The very first post on this blog, nearly a year ago, was about meltdowns.  Since then we have learned a bit more about about how the brain influences behaviors, and we have become better, but not perfect, in our efforts to support our son before things truly blast off.

Savanna Pietrantonio is an adult with FASD.  It was reading her 8 Reasons for FASD Meltdowns that first helped us to see these from a different perspective, to better understand that our son’s behaviors were not deliberate disobedience.  She wrote:

“I have to learn to respect the meltdown as a symptom of brain damage. I am not…

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  1. Hi Qadra and Leca
    I have a question about this Video of Diane Malbin on the EFAN Blog. Do you guys archive videos like this? I think it could be a good one for our First Steps team to watch. Years ago I attended a three day Training of Diane ‘s and it was very informative and helpful. This may be a video we would like to use for staff training.

    1. Hi Tammi?:

      Yes, all the videos we have posted are archived. I will search for this particular video and email you the link.

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