The real dangers of drinking while pregnant

The FASD Prevention Conversation Project

dangers-of-drinking-while-pregnantThe real dangers of drinking while pregnant

How much damage can one glass of wine really do? We’ve got the facts on FASD, the most common preventable developmental disability affecting Canadians.

Sep 9, 2016 Jill Buchner

So you’re craving a glass of Pinot with dinner, you’re in your third trimester and you’ve heard all about how women in France sip wine throughout their pregnancies. How much harm could it do, right? Actually, if you listen to the research, quite a bit. Not only are the effects of prenatal alcohol lifelong, they can be hard to predict. Just because your friend had a glass of wine and her baby was fine doesn’t mean that yours will be, too. In fact, her child may be yet to show the signs.

Brian Philcox and Bonnie Buxton’s adopted daughter, Colette, started out as a spunky but happy kid. But after starting school, she started showing signs…

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