If you’re in Sherwood Park, or want a way to get those rides in for some mid-week, or weekend fun if you’re staying in town, the Midway hits Sherwood Park Mall this week. You can head out the Midway, take in the rides, eat that delicious fair food and slide down the slide to your heart’s content, all week long.

Taking in the fair can be expensive, there are usually two times when there are unlimited ride passes (bracelets) available daily. You can ride between 3-6, or ride between 6-10, daily. Bracelets are $30 for the time limit, and available at the ticket booth at the Midway.

NOTE: last year we went to the fair and they sold us bracelets forty-five minutes before they expired. Both us, and friends of ours weren’t aware of the expiry time – we just assumed that the bracelets were on sale for that period. Nope. There was no mention of this on any sign – and no mention when we purchased, just a simple sign with ‘Bracelets 3-6’. Wildrose Shows was non-apologetic, and I’ve received countless emails since this time about the same issue and people asking about who to contact – so, be aware and get there early at the time bracelets are on sale.

This time when I called to inquire, I was happy to hear them specify that the bracelets were only valid between this time limit, as the last fair we went to left us without any instruction that they were only valid between a certain time.

Want to reduce the cost? To save a bit of money, have dinner before you go – and take advantage of the ride passes for 6-10, or grab something cheap to eat at the food court (and get the chance to cool off) at the mall.

Sherwood Park Mall is located at 2020 Sherwood Dr.

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