Resource: Playing to Our Strengths: A Community Improv Toolkit


Community Improv Toolkit

This toolkit is a free resource. It is developed as a resource for organizations considering integrating creative arts through improvisation games and exercises into their programming for people living with complex disabilities (like FASD) that can result in stigma and social isolation.

The first toolkit, entitled “Playing to Our Strengths: A Community Improv Toolkit” contains:

  • Easy to use game cards that describe each game
  • Booklet about the project including evidence-based practices behind the project

We hope you will find the toolkit of exercises and games helpful, as you and your organization plan improvisation workshops with staff, and/or with local artists. The games have been piloted in multiple settings are also grounded in research, outlined in the accompanying booklet. The toolkit includes cards step-by-step exercises to try out that are based on improvisation. It also contains the booklet with more information about the games, and the wider thinking behind it.

Improvisation is an approach that helps people feel safe to create without too many rules, and without judgment. Improv also encourages openness, supported creative risks, imagination and deep connections between participants, and between families, support networks, and staff. We hope you find it a fun and useful resource.

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