Enjoying the Smaller Things -FASD Success Stories- 2nd Story (Second Round)

Here is the story of Roni and her beautiful family.  When Roni and husband’s last born moved out they decided to foster their great niece and nephews who have FASD.  The journey hasnt been easy but they are here sharing their success!

Here is the article as retrieved from: http://fasdforever.com/feedback/success-stories/page/10/

This is myself and my amazing husband of twenty eight years.969978_531920986845470_1775463338_n

We live in Colorado USA. Left to right is Carlton-5 now 6, Johnathon-2 now 3, Josh-1 now 2, Tiffany-4 now 5.. In 2012 we became empty nesters with our youngest son moving out to start his life in the Navy and now living in Japan. Then we started a journey of foster parents to our Great Niece and Nephews as an ICPC transfer from VA to Co. We were recently given custody and we are looking forward to adoption some day. During our fourteen month journey we are discovering that the children came with two IEP’s and two IFSP’s, asthma and vision issues. Now, we have discovered that all four have FASD a few have PTSD, ADHD, LD and Mood issues. Two of the children have come from one to two hour long melt downs every other day to one time a week or every other week and thirty minutes maybe. My six year old gave me a hug and said he was glad that he gets to live with us and that he is glad I’m his Mom!!! My five year old has been working on shopping skills, such has not tearing up the store, taking everything off the shelf’s to play with and not licking shopping carts, today she chose one out of her three coping strategies on her OWN to put her hands in her pockets when she feels that she can’t stop getting in to everything she sees!!

These are children that have talked about wanting to die since the age of three and would try to run in to a street full of cars and now walk with me and do not run off!!! Thank you Jeff and everyone this website helped me to understand it’s not my fault, that I can’t fix everything, but I am trying my best to manage, to look back and see how far we have come and value that. I still catch myself stressing and worrying about their futures, but not as much. I am grateful for the small things like being able to go shopping for food and my daughter can make it through the store and feel success and my son not speaking words of hate but learning to love.

Thank you and God bless all of you!


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