Northwest Peace FASD Network

Hiring Someone with FASD

I have just hired someone with FASD now what?

What do you and your staff know about FASD?

It is beneficial to learn all you can about FASD. Your staff should also be involved in this process so everyone knows how to help the staff member with FASD succeed. Patience and tolerance are very important when dealing with these individuals, and it is easier to do this when you understand the dynamics of FASD.

There are Primary and Secondary disabilities of FASD. These issues can cause challenges when employing an individual with FASD.

Learn about FASD here

Primary Disabilities

  • Memory problems
  • Difficulties with organization
  • Difficulties with generalizing from one situation to another
  • Difficulties with time management
  • Impulsivity and motivation
  • Difficulties with language & communication skills
  • Anger control

Secondary Disabilities

  • Alcohol and drug problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Dropping out of school
  • Criminal justice system involvement
  • Homelessness or…

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