Participants Needed – Support Needs and Service Pathways of Parents with Intellectual Impairment

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This project will investigate the support and service needs of parents with learning difficulties, including parents with intellectual disability and other parents with low general cognitive ability. The overall aim is to discover how, building on existing strengths, we can better support these parents and promote a healthy start to life for their children. This multi-provincial project is being undertaken by University of Alberta researchers with funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

The UofA Family and Disability Studies Initiative, is looking for parents that might be interested in taking part in this important project. Participating parents will be interviewed in a location of their choice by a member of the project team. Interviews will explore the parent support needs, the home and community environment, and parent and child well-being. The parent will also be asked to nominate a support worker to participate in a short phone interview. 



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