Resource: Women and Alcohol

The FASD Prevention Conversation Project

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Did you know…

• Alcohol is the mostly widely used drug in Canada.It is created when grains, fruits, or vegetables are fermented.

• The use of alcohol has been traced as far back as 8000 BC.

• Although alcohol comes in different forms (e.g., beer, wine, rum, coolers), it has the same effect. Pure (ethyl) alcohol is a clear, colourless liquid.

• Alcohol is a “depressant” drug that slows down the parts of your brain that affect your thinking and behaviour as well as your breathing and heart rate.

• For many people, drinking alcohol releases tension and reduces inhibition, making them feel more at ease and outgoing.

• Drinking can also make you feel ‘drunk’ or intoxicated. Signs of being drunk include flushed skin, impaired judgment, reduced inhibition, reduced muscle control, slowed reflexes, problems walking, slurred speech, and double or blurred vision.

• Signs of…

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