Tuesday’s Tips: FASD Strategies

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Are you a caregiver or professional who, in your everyday life is raising, teaching, guiding, and loving children and youth with FASD? If so, here are a few tips and reminders that we can all bring to our support networks and communities!

  1. Children and youth with FASD do learn, but they all learn differently. Every child with FASD is different and has their own unique strengths.
  2. Children and youth with FASD need to know and feel that it’s okay to talk about their FASD. Keep the communication open and encourage your child to be open with others.
  3. Alcohol exposure in utero can affect every system in the body, so it is important to keep a watchful eye for any sign of health problems.
  4. You know your child best and therefore are your child’s best advocate. Talk with your child’s teachers and other professionals; find out if they are FASD-friendly and share resources and information.
  5. Play is an important function for all children, especially those with FASD. Encourage playfulness in your child and include play into your child’s day.
  6. When teaching new skills, remember that learning is more fun if the teaching can be made into a game!

Do you have a great tip, fact, or strategy? Share it with us!

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