Someone had to plant the garden.

Dr. Ann Streissguth,: Someone Had To Plant The Garden.

Red Shoes Rock

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers –
Dr. Ann Streissguth – Thank you!

Ann’s work has blossomed,
her seeds have scattered around the globe to
help persons grow while living with FASD.

The FASD worldwide community is eternally grateful to
Ann Streissguth: mother, research scientist, monarch,
gentle spirit, honored woman.

ann_steissguthcombo_w400Ann Streissguth’s gardening begin when she married Dan, her beloved in 1968. Together, along with their son, Ben, they have cleared jungles of horsetail, wild blackberry, boggy muck and overgrown trees. They have carefully designed, planted, weeded and irrigated to create the Streissguth Gardens.

Ann and Dan’s Garden is also a reflection of Dr. Ann Streissguth’s professional life as a tenacious scientist and researcher into the lives of individuals with FASD. As a researcher, Dr. Streissguth, cleared jungles of misunderstanding, created paths of new knowledge, amd walked through dark murky water in thunderstorms of adversity to connect the…

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