HBHC Webinar – Managing trauma exposure and compassion fatigue in the health care professional – what works? Best practices


June 21st, 2018 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT
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Webinar Description: Compassion fatigue refers to the profound emotional and physical exhaustion that all of us can develop over time while working in health care environments: complex cases, large volume of work, chronicity, the wear and tear of the job, challenging patients and colleagues – all of these can contribute to developing compassion fatigue. 

With two decades of research proving that working in high stress, trauma-exposed professions carries elements of risk to the care provider: compassion fatigue, secondary trauma and burnout can take a cumulative tolls on us as individuals and as teams. What can professionals do to protect themselves from the difficult stories that they work with on a regular basis, limited resources and high volume of work, while still remaining effective and compassionate?

Learning Objectives

  • Key Factors that increase risks of compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma
  • Early intervention strategies 
  • Workplace strategies: what works? 
Françoise Mathieu M.Ed., CCC. RP.
Co-Executive Director, TEND
Compassion Fatigue Specialist
Member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
Certified Member of the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association


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