CIFASD Research Study, Dissecting the Genetics of FASD (DiG FASD); Help CIFASD discover how genetics affect FASD!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 1.22.59 PMThe Collaborative Initiative on FASD invites people ages 7 or older to take part in a new study called DiG FASD. If you or your child have an FASD or have been affected by prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE), CIFASD invites you to check out the study web portal at  Participation in DiG FASD will take place from home. No in-person visits are required.  After you enroll in the study, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself and spit into a tube.

You can make a difference – we need you!

Why volunteer?
By signing up, you can help scientists understand why and how some people are affected by PAE. DiG FASD scientists are seeking volunteers, like you, who have been diagnosed with an FASD or who might have been exposed to alcohol before birth. You can play a vital role in new FASD genetic discoveries.

Who can sign up?
Individuals with an FASD or PAE ages 7 or older may sign up.


Contact the study at or 844-378-0002 (toll-free).

Check out the DiG FASD web portal for more information:

If you want to participate, let’s start now!


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