Resource: What is your child’s Challenging Behaviour trying to tell you?

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This guide is for parents, family members and carers who are worried about their child’s/ family member’s behaviour. For the sake of readability we will refer to ‘parents’ and the child as ‘your child’ throughout the resource.

Your child may be beginning to develop some behaviour that challenges you, or may already have behaviour that challenges. They may have a recognised disability, be in the process of getting a diagnosis or you may be wondering if they have additional needs. Whatever the case, parents can feel under a lot of pressure to ‘solve’ behaviour problems and are naturally very worried about the best approach to take.

Parents can feel very alone and it can be a relief to discover that other parents feel the same. All children are different and there is no single answer to any of the difficulties or problems you may face. There are often complex reasons behind a child’s behaviour and it is rarely anyone’s ‘fault’. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your child and a number of people and organisations who can help. In this guide, we offer suggestions that may help, explain who else can help and how and where you and your child can get support.

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