New Resource: FASD and the Online World


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ISBN: 978-0-578-50191-8

The Internet and its door to a world of unregulated communication and information can entrap any young person, but especially those affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. The brain-based neurodevelopmental difficulties associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) present a special challenge to children and teens and can place the young person at high risk for not only victimization but also for becoming an unwitting perpetrator of harm. FASD and the Online World:

  • presents the critical features incorporated into the design of online games and social media that create a “compulsion loop” for the user;

  • examines how the neurodevelopmental deficits associated with FASD interact with online games and social media; and

  • provides practical guidelines for parents as to how to manage a child’s or teen’s access to the Internet.

The online world is very real, but the friendships, promises, and rewards young people with FASD find there are for the most part false. This book is for any parent or professional who must find a balance between the young person’s quest for independence and the need to protect that young person from harm in the online world.

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