Addiction & Mental Health Access 24/7 IS NOW OPEN!

What exactly does Access 24/7 offer?

Addiction & Mental Health Access 24/7 offers a point of contact for adults seeking support with mental health and/or addiction concerns. We are here to help our partners, community, clients, patients and families navigate the system of supports available. Our clinicians will conduct triage, screening and assessment in order to best match an individual’s need(s) to services and programs.

We help those not only in the community but also those in hospital get connected with the services that meet their needs. We also receive referrals from across the province for people moving into the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

What Access 24/7 is not –

Access 24/7 is not an emergency department. There are no stretchers or beds, no direct admission to inpatient beds, no medical equipment to handle medical emergencies. However, if someone needs more support than we can offer, we can help them get the care they need.

Access does not replace existing access points such as Access Open Minds, Addiction & Mental Health Children Youth and Family Intake and Walk-In, and Community Geriatric Psychiatry.

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Click here to download information sheet.



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