Online Survey: Lay of the Land, What Really Matters?

Myles Himmelreich, CJ Lutke, Katrina Griffin, Justin Mitchell, Anique Lutke, Emily Travis-Hargrove

The Adult Leadership Committee (ALC) of FASD Change Makers wants to know about what life is like for teens and adults who are 16 years and older who have diagnosed FASD, or who think they have it but do not have an official diagnosis. This is an important topic that no one has surveyed yet.  We plan to change that.  As adults who have FASD, all of us on the Leadership Committee have struggled with the issues in the survey.  So, we want to use the information we get from this survey to provide a baseline of information that can be a starting place for formal researchers, service providers, policy makers and governments around the world.  Then they can begin to address these issues.

We need your help to do this.  You can participate in this survey no matter where you live in the world.  There is a lot of interest in what all of us, as individuals with FASD, have to say.  We hope to present this information at the 9th International Conference on Adolescents and Adults with FASD which will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada in April of 2020.

This on-line survey is completely anonymous.  That means that no one will know who you are.  We would like to know your age, gender and diagnosis, but nothing that will identify you as an individual person – either as someone with FASD or someone who thinks they have FASD.  To do the survey, just click on the link for the right category for yourself.  It is important and safe to be very honest.  Everything that is on the survey are things we think are important to be able to function well and have a good life.

Even though this survey is long, the questions are really important because we want people to know what life is like for all kinds of people who have FASD.   This is your chance to have input and we really need your help.  That is how we can begin to make things change for all of us who have FASD.

Because this survey is long, or if you need help to do this survey, please ask someone you know and who knows you well to help you complete it.  This survey is really important!  It is about us and for us and is being done by us, adults who have FASD.   We need your help, because you are also aChange Maker and what you have to say is important.

We must have your finished survey back by November 13, 2019

Click here to be redirected to the survey.

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