BBC: Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Mum’s fight for diagnosis

An adoptive mum has spoken of her “lonely and isolating” journey to getting a diagnosis for her children’s Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

It was eventually discovered Catherine Griffiths’ two children had the condition which can affect those whose mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy.

Just one of Wales’ seven health boards has specific guidelines for diagnosis.

The Welsh Government said it was investing in new legislation for those with additional learning needs.

Ms Griffiths’ adoptive children are half-siblings, born to the same alcoholic mother – there are five other adopted siblings who are with other families. Some of them have also been diagnosed with FASD.

“Someone somewhere should have said – ‘we can see that you’re struggling, can we help you in any way’,” she said.

Ms Griffiths, from Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, has lost her hair due to the stress and worries of raising children with FASD.

“We, as parents, are getting older and I’m scared for my children’s future,” she said.

“We need urgent action so that everyone has heard of FASD. Everyone needs to be kinder to people that are different.”

Catherine Griffiths
Catherine Griffiths lost her hair due to the stress and worries of raising children with FASD

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