Webinar– Managing the Toll of Caregiver Trauma and Building Resiliency in Families Impacted by FASD

NOFASD Australia has partnered with FASD specialist Eileen Devine to provide a 3-part web series on building resilience for parents and carers of those living with FASD. Eileen Devine has extensive experience supporting families with FASD and also has lived experience of raising her daughter with FASD. Read more at https://www.nofasd.org.au/blog/building-carer-resilience/

In this webinar Eileen speaks honestly about the experiences which parents and carers face. She explains some of the processes behind burnout and trauma, then gives a lot of great ideas of how to make positive changes to increase parent/carer health and wellbeing. The goal is that parents and carers watching this will feel empowered to make positive changes for themselves and their families.


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