Now recruiting adolescents with FASD for a Canada-wide virtual research study

Study Title: What I Want My Teachers to Know:
The Lived Experiences of Adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

We are conducting a study examining what adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) want teachers to know about the strengths they have and the struggles they experience at home, in school settings, and within the community.

Who can participate?

Individuals with a FASD diagnosis who are between the ages of 14–17 years old, are Canadian citizens, have access to a home computer with an external or built-in microphone, can use this technology as well as Google Meet independently, can provide their own accommodations if needed (e.g., text enlargement), can verbally respond to questions, and can sit for an hour-long interview (with or without a few short breaks in between).

What is involved?

Parents or legal guardians will review consent individually as well as with the Research Investigator over Google Meet. If consent is given, the adolescent with FASD will review the study requirements with the Principal Researcher over Google Meet. If the adolescent wants to participate, they will take part in a virtual interview with the Principal Researcher. Parents or guardians will not be invited to the interview because their presence may affect the information that is shared. Participants will respond to six main questions during the interview. Additional questions may be asked if or when clarification is needed. Later in the study, an opportunity for an optional follow-up interview will be provided, so participants can review general themes identified during the study to ensure they accurately reflect the lived experiences of adolescents with FASD.

What are the potential risks?

Adolescents may experience physical or psychological fatigue due to computer use, the questions being asked of them, or the need to stay focused for an extended period of time. They may also experience minor psychological or emotional distress because they are being asked to discuss some of their actual or perceived weaknesses and struggles.

How long does it take?

The parent/guardian meeting is expected to take no longer than 30 minutes. Participant interviews will take around 1 hour.

Who are the researchers?

Vanessa Boila (Researcher Investigator, Graduate Student), and Dr. Jacqueline Pei (Faculty Supervisor).

What if I have questions?

Please contact the Research Investigator, Vanessa Boila, at

How can my child participate?

If you are the parent or legal guardian of an adolescent who meets the criteria outlined above, please email Vanessa Boila at to express your interest.

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