The Family Life Podcast with Robbie Seale: WRaP 2.0 FASD Coaching Partnership Project

With more than 20 years of lived experience I know it can be a struggle to find resources and research to support you, your family, and your child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. That’s why I have embarked on a new initiative to interview the movers and shakers in the FASD Research and Resources community and bring you Research & Resource Editions of the FASD Family Life podcast. These Research & Resource Editions of the FASD Family Life Podcast will give you information on a variety of FASD networks, resources, training events, and conferences, as well as fascinating FASD studies for your participation and interest.

Robbie Seale

In this Research & Resources Edition of FASD Family Life Research & Resources edition I am delighted to speak with Cathy Cross, Executive Director of The WRaP 2.0: FASD Coaching Partnership Project.

The WRaP 2.0: FASD Coaching Partnership Project is a five-year collaboration (February 2021 to January 2026) between the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Community and Social Services and Alberta’s 12 FASD Service Networks.

Through the services of FASD Instructional Coaches, including at-the-elbow assistance and professional development, school authority staff will be supported to enhance their capacity to meet the education needs of students with FASD (Early Childhood Services – Grade 12).


  • Increase the capacity of teachers and schools to meet the educational needs of children and youth (ECS to Grade 12) with FASD.
  • Teachers and school leaders will increase their knowledge and skills regarding how to support students with FASD by engaging in current best practices as shared by the FASD Networks through FASD instructional coaches.
  • Schools will enhance their capacity by incorporating FASD-informed approaches into their classroom communities, as part of a continuum of support and service.

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