CREATING INTERSECTIONS: A Systematic and Person-Centered Harmonizing Framework For Housing Individuals With FASD



This project was catalyzed by service providers and individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), as well as their caregivers, all of whom described challenges navigating conventional housing support systems. In particular, current housing models were described as not yet meeting the unique and ever-changing needs of individuals with FASD—we can do better.

Our community partners spoke of the need to find fitting models of service delivery for individuals with FASD who are unhoused so that they may experience opportunities to build upon their strengths, and successful achievement of their goals. Together with this community, we have developed a harmonizing housing framework that offers a more responsive, complexity sensitive way of meeting the ever-changing needs of individuals with FASD who are unhoused, with the ultimate goal of engaging and supporting these individuals in housing tenure in ways that promote individual success and goal attainment.

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